Siam Goshi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. : Aiming to be World’s Best Manufacturer of Exhaust and Body Parts for Motorcycles.
World's Best Manufacturer of Exhaust and Body Parts for Motorcycles.


Siam Goshi provides one stop service for automotive manufacturing services. We started as an automotive replacement parts manufacturing with substantial experiences in automotive field, along with enthusiasm for continued expanding our business to supply with superior services to deliver infinite value to another automotive manufacturers.

Our services

In addition to producing automotive parts to deliver to leading automotive assembly manufacturer, we also provide comprehensive performance improvement by one-stop services manufactuiring can deliver tremendous returns for both OEMs and suppliers challenged by capacity, service, quality, and productivity issues to achieve the needs of customers.

Surface Treatment

We are a specialist in the field of surface treatment manufacturing, offering products perfected for multiple applications and hig quality to ensures secure and reliable.
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We have extensive specialize in automotive prototyping as a complete service, which allows us to offer high-quality manufacturing services with on-demand production at competitive prices.
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