Siam Goshi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. : Aiming to be World’s Best Manufacturer of Exhaust and Body Parts for Motorcycles.
World's Best Manufacturer of Exhaust and Body Parts for Motorcycles.


"Siam Goshi", We are a one company that is part of the GOSHI Group (Japan), maintaining a global viewpoint with abundant creative talent and provide superior the manufacturing technique and keeps users around the world riding happily.

Establishment Plant 1 :
November 26, 1993
Plant 2 :
November, 2004
President Mr. Takayuki Katsuki
Headquarters Siam Eastern Industrial Park
60 M.3 T. Mabyangporn A. Pluakdaeng, Rayong 21140, Thailand
Capital Stock 180 MB
Share Holeder Goshi Giken Co.,Ltd. (GGC) : 82%
Union Autoparts Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. (UAM) : 18%
Area Plant 1 Area 40,238 m2 ( 25 Rai)
Utility Space  21,755 m2
Plant 2 Area 43,200 m2 (27Rai)
Utility Space  8,495 m2
Number of Associates 1,161 Associates
(As January, 2024)
Business Manufacturing Motorcycle, Automobile and Mutipurpose Engine Parts (eg. Muffler for motorcycle, rim wheel, etc).
Certified Quality ISO 9001 : 2015, IATF 16949 : 2016
Safety & Environment ISO 14001 : 2015, ISO 45001 : 2018
Main Custommer Motorcycle
Thai Honda Co.,Ltd.
Goshi Giken Co.,Ltd.(Japan)
Asian Honda Motor Co.,Ltd.
Honda Trading (Thailand) Co.,ltd.
Kawasaki Motor Enterpise (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Mitsui Siam Components Co.,Ltd.

Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Honda Access Asia & Oceania Co.,Ltd.
Ogura Clutch (Thailand) CO.,Ltd.
Maruyasu Industries (Thailand)Co.,Ltd.
Daiwa Kasei (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Main Bank Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Limited
Citi Bank N.A.
Mother Company Goshi Giken Co.,Ltd. (
Group Company in Oversea Uemura Tech Co.,Ltd. (Japan)
Goshi Thanglong Autoparts Co.,Ltd. (Vietnam)
Goshi India Autoparts Private Limited (India)
Goshi Philippines, Inc. (Philippines)

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