Siam Goshi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. : Aiming to be World’s Best Manufacturer of Exhaust and Body Parts for Motorcycles.
World's Best Manufacturer of Exhaust and Body Parts for Motorcycles.

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Corporate Introduction

Our Corporate
SGM and the GOSHI Group aiming to be a globally company with mission "the World's Best Manufacturing", to share "The Joy of Creating" with all people who love mobility by revamping the "Artisanal mind" and core technologies that we have inherited.

SGM at GOSHI Network Group

"SGM", We are a one company that is part of the GOSHI Group, maintaining a global viewpoint with abundant creative talent and provide superior the manufacturing technique and keeps users around the world riding happily.

GOSHI Group is a "World’s Best Manufacturer of Exhaust and Body Parts for Motorcycles" has been aggressively expanding with 4 locations in overseas manufacturing subsidiaries countries/regions and 4 locations in Japan domestic, consists of more than 4,055 associate.



Number of Associates

1,160 Associates

(As March, 2024)

Consolidated sales

6,726 MB

(As March, 2024)

Capital Stock's Equity

180 MB

Business Introduction

Our Business
We are able to design our own processes and achieve mass production by combining various manufacturing process by ‘Monozukuri’ technique to find the optimal production method for distinctive products tor meet the needs of our customers.

Globally Minded, Trustworthy Products

SGM focus on innovative technologies strive contributing to society and offers distinctive products for our customers satisfaction by capitalizing on the outstanding technology expertise and manufacturing capabilities with unique 'Monozukuri' technique, that starts basing on the emphasize good design from proposal expand to R&D activity and specialized productivity, continue to high quality products that unlock new possibilities.

Research and Development

New, Next and Monozukuri for The Future

Sustainability Initiative

Our Sustainability
We want to delight people and the earth through our manufacturing with a focus on strive contribute to the Environment, Social and Governance that help bring a better future to the next generation.


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SGM collection of unique associates who always have a dream and take on new challenges by don't fear failures, ready steady go forward together with us.

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